<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/30/98/13/92/190403032742.jpg?t=1586389004"><br>Priced at $670,000 Sold $670,000 All disclosures, extensive property information and photography are available on this website, www.50OldFuller.com. ******Select the PROPERTY INFO tab on the home page to view the Seller's Disclosures, Seller's Maintenance Updates &amp; Improvements List, Stucco Inspection Summary, my Introduction &amp; Offer Information, and the Additional Offer Information This light and bright stately hillside gem is a must see to thoroughly appreciate and sense what it would be like to call this &quot;home&quot;. This website is more than just a warehouse for 80+ images as it also provides the seller's disclosures, offer information and additional property details such as the Maintenance Updates &amp; Improvements List and recent Stucco Inspection Summary. Note that the second bedroom on main is currently re-purposed to serve as a huge closet for the master. Convert the existing master sitting area to a closet brings back the original floor plan of 2 bedrooms on the main level and 6 bedrooms total. I look forward to the opportunity to show this home to unrepresented buyers and buyers with agents who are not immediately available. without jeopardizing their full commission. Brady Miller, cell 678-933-7780 <br>